A warm welcome to my world

Writing children’s novels has become a passion and seeing the final product take shape, with wonderful illustrations is exciting, to say the least.

My love for the sea and our need to protect it comes from the thousands of dives I have made throughout the World.

I hope you enjoy the site and I hope to see you sometime at one of my book events. 

This is me

Diver and author of The “Emily and her Pharaoh series”

My idea for a trilogy of books under the “Emily and her Pharaoh” banner was born before I wrote the first of the series. The first book, “The Dress” was published in October 2012 by Book Guild Publishing. They took my initial story, edited it and added amazing illustrations to create a beautiful book.

“The Golden Dragon” which is the second of the series takes Emily on further adventures to help save the pink dolphin population in Hong Kong.  This book was published in October 2014!

The final book of the series, “The Stone of Life” takes place in Mexico and brings Emily face to face with an ancient civilisation and later The Spanish conquistadores  .  Will Emily and Pharaoh survive this final chapter? 

Well, the last book has now been published, please let me know what you think of the stories!